Shout Louder

Video Premiere: Fair Do’s With ‘Love & Light’


Fair Do’s – Manchester, England, United Kingdom Ah, yes, the video premiere of Fair Do’s with ‘Love & Light’. A band moniker used in a variety of ways and nuances depending on the mood, flanked by a painfully positive and often forced term of pseudo-optimism, itself synonymous with toe-the-line societal appearances. Well,…

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‘Behind The Words: An Insight Into Underground Writing’ (Papercuts #1 2020)


Shout Louder – England, United Kingdom With a second Shout Louder zine now on the way. It is fitting to give Behind The Words: An Insight Into Underground Writing the online treatment. Towards the end of 2019, I was asked, along with many wonderful people from the UK underground Punk-Rock music scene…

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