Scavengers Circle and ‘Beyond Repair’


Scavengers Circle – Västerås, Sweden Sweden is a country synonymous with fast and heavy music from crushing Metal to melodic Punk-Rock. Scavengers Circle and Beyond Repair are very much on the fringe of an “in-between” of sorts. The band, or rather the project, is split between two musicians who unleashed…

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Deny – ‘Dystopia’ (10/01/20 – 17/01/20)


Deny – Mariestad/Töreboda, Sweden Crust Punk is a derivative form of Hardcore Punk that many find a little ambiguous. However, quite fortuitously, the following words – Deny – Dystopia, may remedy that. The genre’s foreboding, eerie and cutting yet melodic and warped variant of Hardcore Punk purveys all the rhythmic…

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