FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape – Split EP


FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape – Dublin/Vancouver, Ireland/Canada Music is ubiquitous. Is that an excuse unto why I missed the FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape and their split EP the first time around? Perhaps, but it’s still a true-enough statement nonetheless. Bandcamp is a wonderful place of discovery and split releases a staple in the Punk…

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Early Stream: Blacked Out – ‘Wasted Breath’ (27/03/20)


Blacked Out – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada An early stream of Blacked Out and Wasted Breath? Is that not rather self-explanatory? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement should be tempered. The release is set to be unveiled TOMORROW and Thousand Island Records have allowed Ear Nutrition to stream the five-track…

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Introducing: Blacked Out


Blacked Out – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Since Thousands Islands Records have now snapped-up Vancouver four-piece Blacked Out, publishing an article entitled ‘Introducing: Blacked Out’ seems like the correct thing to do. Don’t you agree? The band will be releasing their brand new EP and total third release via the…

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