Blacked Out – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Introducing Blacked Out

Since Thousands Islands Records have now snapped-up Vancouver four-piece Blacked Out, publishing an article entitled ‘Introducing: Blacked Out’ seems like the correct thing to do. Don’t you agree?

The band will be releasing their brand new EP and total third release via the ever-growing Canadian Punk music label on the 27th March this year. Wasted Breath rears its head after four years of silence. But, before we hear of the now? What of the band’s sonic-past? The words Skate Punk and Thrash are thrown around frequently, synonymously and in tandem within the contemporary Punk scene. Wild, metallic aesthetic and jaggedly-cut rhythms have symbiotically attached to themselves to their Punk cousins in recent times and the 2008 variant of Blacked Out were in the thick of it.

The band’s debut album from 2008 hybridised the genres to a point of seamlessness, where fast melodic Skate Punk would move swiftly and with no notice at all, morph into brooding, sweat-drenched Thrash. Furthering this, you’d barely have time to think before the sonic-union of the two would return. See ‘I Hate Your Fucking President’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’.

Thousand Island Records

The 2016 release Sereena saw a refined band amped up on Thrash-riffs and Skate Punk melody even more so. ‘Sort It Out’ saw the band open their follow-up with an overtly prominent push towards a Crossover Thrash sound with a welcome Punk bite. Sereena still had its Skate Punk-Rock credentials but saw it as more of a stylistic-filter applied to the Metal on offer rather than the usual and contemporary scene opposite. That said, tracks such as ‘Ewe Guys’ with its anthemic melodic-Punk-leads showed a band not entirely taken by the ways of “the Metal”.

But that was then and with Thousand Islands Records fronting their next effort Wasted Breath, the band have returned with an eponymous forerunning single.

And returned they have! With an exponentially better produced and crisp sound, the band’s Thrash-Punk pushes nearly as far as vintage-Melodic Hardcore yet retains their Skate Punk in one of their best choruses yet. A chorus that is ofcourse sandwiched between effortless Thrash riffage. ‘Wasted Breath’ alters the band’s ratio in a manner befitting their Punk credentials over the Thrash yet still maintains their foundational symbiosis. 

‘Wasted Breath’ is an anthem against the ever-multiplying plaguing ignorance of contemporary society and heads an EP more than ready to catapult the band back into the game.

Speaking of which, Thousand Island Records haven begun said catapulting. Vinyl, CD and digital pre-orders are now live ahead of the 27th March release. 

Introducing Blacked Out, that was easy, wasn’t it?

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