Sum 41


Introducing: Switch Hitter.

Switch Hitter – Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. Will Pop-Punk ever die? Likely not. Similar to it’s Punk-Rock father it continues to evolve and generate fans and scenes in an out of it’s traditional locales. The Maryland four-piece Switch Hitter are another to use the ambiguous term “Aggressive Pop-Punk” that at first comprehension could mean anything from Easycore to


Inside An Underground Band: Brain Ape – An Organic Chit-Chat.

Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom. Cover Photo: Nuri Moseinco Photography. A little while back, I stood outside a venue to talked to an underground band and that band was London’s Brain Ape. We initially recorded the whole interview with the intention of posting the audio in it’s entirety but in the spirit of