Those Fucking Snowflakes – ‘Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd’ (22/01/21)


Those Fucking Snowflakes – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom “Those Fucking Snowflakes and Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd” is an eyecatching title for a band and their debut. These very words, considering the rhetoric and terminology used, could actually be interpreted to be quite problematic and regressive. Thankfully, this really isn’t the…

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Daybreaker Return With ‘The Redeemer’


Daybreaker – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom Daybreaker return with ‘The Redeemer’ in today’s operative Ear Nutrition title. The Blackpool-based Metal-spanning four-piece have recently returned to the fold after a short time away, with a new focus, one less body and a commanding new voice box. Daybreaker released their debut EP…

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