Prey Drive

Part 7: Livingston – ‘Sunday Best’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’


Livingston x Krod Records The build-up continues! Part 7: Livingston – ‘Sunday Best’ / Krod Records (The Five Years) is the latest in the way of look-sees into the Krod Records five-year celebratory project with a twist. If you haven’t already you can find out more via an interview with Krod…

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Part 1: Prey Drive – ‘Cardboard’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’


Prey Drive x Krod Records  So why are we here? Well, for, Part 1: Prey Drive – ‘Cardboard’ / Krod Records (The Five Years). It’s a very determined and definitive title and it almost requires some context! And so, if this is the first you’ve heard of such you can mosey…

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