Milo's Planes

Milo’s Planes and ‘Wreaths’


Milo’s Planes – Bristol, England, United Kingdom After some minutes tucked away waiting for life to do its bit, Milo’s Planes and ‘Wreaths’ recently and finally returned to the After-Core realm of Punk-Rock continuity, legacy and canvas of seemingly limitless noise. By that I mean, in their first recorded sonic-foray…

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SLONK – ‘Holidays’ 7″ Pre-Order Via Breakfast Records.


SLONK – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. The brain child of one Joe Sherrin most notably of the stellar Bedroom-Punk/Post-Hardcore band, Milo’s Planes, SLONK is a project best described as the result of a mind so prolifically creative that it’s prospective longevity is something many would simply state as assured. In…

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