Mighty Magic Animal

May Have Missed Volume 13


The Expanse Of The Internet “May Have Missed Volume 13” is an attempt to counter the volume of requests I receive in the various Ear Nutrition inboxes as I type away. The venture of EN, when it boils down to the barebones of itself, is a spare-time hobby. I try…

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Mighty Magic Animal – ‘Shucks’


Mighty Magic Animal – Salisbury, England, United Kingdom Mighty Magic Animal and Shucks add credit to the statement I made regarding their last EP. Something, something, don’t underestimate a two-piece band. If you want to break-down said release in a little more detail or rather read my own break-down, gyrate over to…

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Mighty Magic Animal – ‘Guts’ (EP)


Mighty Magic Animal – Salisbury, England, United Kingdom If there is one thing that I have learnt over these past wordy-years, its to never underestimate a two-piece band. Enter, Might Magic Animal.  Formed way back in 2014 in the not so distant land of Salisbury, the band found that they…

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