Faintest Idea

TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands (19/02/21)


TNSrecords – Manchester, England, United Kingdom TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans, Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands is a release marking a considerable milestone. In the world of underground, independent and DIY record labels, every release is an achievement. However, to reach a hundred separate releases on a label that…

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Knife Club and The ‘Lockdown Acoustic’ EP (06/11/20)


Knife Club – The Knife Cave, England, United Kingdom Ah, post-lockdown, sort of. It is here that Knife Club and the Lockdown Acoustic EP enter the 2020 music scene, one the band themselves entered under methods quite unorthodox. However, that’s all crumbs under the knife-rack. The band’s debut We Are Knife Club can…

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