Cage The Elephant

The OBGMs and ‘The Ends’ (30/10/20)


The OBGMs – Toronto, Ontario, Canada Rambunctious, raucous, writhing and resolute. These are the words both codified and prospective regarding The OBGMs and The Ends. The first three speak for themselves through the band’s Garage Punk n’ Roll thus far but the latter most word? Well, in a succinct, high-velocity…

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Chief Whip – ‘Echo Chamber’.


Chief Whip – Exmouth, England, United Kingdom. Hailing from Exmouth in Devon, Chief Whip are a band best described as eclectic and certifiably Alternative. You trawl through the band’s back-catalogue and you can hear sonic parallels so far off course from each other yet so paradoxically present in the same…

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