Early Stream: Blacked Out – ‘Wasted Breath’ (27/03/20)

Blacked Out

Blacked Out – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada An early stream of Blacked Out and Wasted Breath? Is that not rather self-explanatory? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement should be tempered. The release is set to be unveiled TOMORROW and Thousand Island Records have allowed Ear Nutrition to stream the five-track EP via the Vancouver Skate-Thrashers

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Stage Banter and Their ‘Tightrope Walking’

Stage Banter

Stage Banter – Beverwijk, The Netherlands Tightrope walking is a precarious activity indeed! Enter Stage Banter – Tightrope Walking, a band and a release endeavouring to be the very fuel you need to overcome the terror of it all. The band take on this monumental task via fast, melodic, social-political commentary in true Punk-tradition but

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CABRO – South East, England, United Kingdom Underground Hardcore Punk is often an elusive aspect of the Punk music scene. One that CABRO and the HUMANO IGNORANTE EP mysteriously find themselves within. Both the band and the release are surrounded in mystery. In fact, the only real information that can be considered bonafide would be the

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Fast Blood and Their Self-Titled EP

Fast Blood

Fast Blood – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Earlier this year, Fast Blood and their self-titled EP entered the emotive Punk-Rock arena in response to onset societal gloom. It’s a tough job, but someone, or rather some people have to do it. Fast Blood are still fresh on the scene and their debut EP packs more

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Part 1: Prey Drive – ‘Cardboard’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’

Krod Records

Prey Drive x Krod Records  So why are we here? Well, for, Prey Drive – ‘Cardboard’ / Krod Records (The Five Years), part 1. It’s a very determined and definitive title and it almost requires some context! And so, if this is the first you’ve heard of such you can mosey onto – Here –

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