SENECA and ‘Exhale, Sigher’


SENECA – Devon, England, United Kingdom SENECA and ‘Exhale, Sigher’ fit into an interesting time within the underground music-verse. The ability to churn-out releases and even write and practice has been severely inhibited these past twelve-plus months and yet, the music scene has remained indomitable by a hairsbreadth. 2020 saw a tirade of ironic releases

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TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands (19/02/21)


TNSrecords – Manchester, England, United Kingdom TNSrecords Vol​ 4: Cheap Cans, Broken Vans and Basement Bar Bands is a release marking a considerable milestone. In the world of underground, independent and DIY record labels, every release is an achievement. However, to reach a hundred separate releases on a label that only really started as a

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Billy No Mates and ‘S.F. Sourdough’ (29/01/21)


Billy No Mates – Snuffington Manor, USA, This Time Contrary to popular belief, the title of Billy No Mates and S.F. Sourdough is really quite misleading. Billy actually has quite a few mates you know. In the past, his release history has enlisted friends from across the UK Punk scene and as afar afoot as

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Those Fucking Snowflakes – ‘Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd’ (22/01/21)


Those Fucking Snowflakes – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom “Those Fucking Snowflakes and Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd” is an eyecatching title for a band and their debut. These very words, considering the rhetoric and terminology used, could actually be interpreted to be quite problematic and regressive. Thankfully, this really isn’t the case, for Those Fucking Snowflakes

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