KÖRD VÄRLD – England/ United Kingdom, Gothenburg/Sweden Here we are in 2020.1 and Kibou Records are still on the same release-bender. KÖRD VÄRLD and TOTAL DISTORTION is the latest on this wild ride of seamlessly unending Hardcore that is not only pushing the goals of the label but is simultaneously existing as its very sustenance.

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All Fall Down and ‘Take Me Back’


All Fall Down – Peterborough, England, United Kingdom With all Punk’s fantastic sonic vibrancy and genre-crossing tendencies, All Fall Down and ‘Take Me Back’ enter into the fold via the seemingly inexhaustible fuel source that is melodic Punk-Rock. The very medium itself has also come along way. The ’90s blueprint has merged, morphed, infused and

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Brain Ape and ‘clxxvi. veni vidi vici’


Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom Brain Ape and ‘clxxvi. veni vidi vici’ appeared quite unexpectedly but a short time ago. The London band are no stranger to the struggle of the underground Rock scene. They have run under the name Brain Ape for some time and fostered their own label. They have played

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