Passionflower – ‘Picture Perfect’ (18/07/20)

Passionflower – Warrington, England, United Kingdom Passionflower is set to release ‘Picture Perfect’ this very month. The Warrington-based solo-project of one Kyle Richardson-Nickle has been a work in progress since 2017 and is testament to an important, undeniably crucial and intrinsic characteristic of the underground music scene. Inspiration both past, formative and contemporary. They say


‘A Tribute To Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man’ (10/07/20)

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Manchester, England, United Kingdom If you’ve kicked-about in the UK Punk scene within the last ten years or so, the title of this piece probably piqued some interest or raised an eyebrow. A Tribute To Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man enters into the mass of audio delight that has been


High Visions and ‘A First Date With Imposter Syndrome’

High Visions – Leeds, England, United Kingdom High Visions and A First Date With Imposter Syndrome enter into 2020 via INiiT Records. This is notable for two reasons. Primarily, the above is the latest in the chronicle of the contemporary melodic Punk hybridisation that is the Leeds based High Visions, but also that this third release

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