Part Time Killer – ‘The Fight’

Part Time Killer

Part Time Killer – Lahti, Finland If there’s one thing you can depend on in these uncertain times, its European and by extension, Scandanavian Punk-Rock. Part Time Killer and The Fight are relevant to this. The Finnish four-piece have returned after nine-years of studio-silence to further propagate their and indeed our love of the fast,

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Album Premiere: Hoi-Poi – ‘Sain’t Adorable’

Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

Hoi-Poi – Thessaloniki, Greece Today, I have your attention for the album premiere of Hoi-Poi – ‘Sain’t Adorable’. As of now, the Greek four-piece are releasing their second full-length and fifth total release. The band, known as Hoi-Poi, but also as Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind, hail from Thessaloniki and operate between their home Greece and the

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Part 2: Kill Her First – ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’

Krod Records

Kill Her First x Krod Records  It continues! Part 2: Kill Her First – ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ / Krod Records (The Five Years). We’re back for the second release and look into the celebratory five-year compilation. You can find the interview with Krod Records label manager Jordan Calvi – Here and Part 1 and an interview

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Supportive Parents – ‘Could Be Worse’

Supportive Parents

Supportive Parents – Minneapolis, Minnesota Supportive Parents – Could Be Worse sounds like something you’d say to a friend that was complaining incessantly about something completely superfluous. While you all briefly think back to hearing such back in school, I will inform you that said collection of words actually denotes to a Punk music band from

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