The Ear Nutrition Family

This list is a collection of “family” names and “go-tos” that will be likely be ever growing as long as Ear Nutrition itself steadily absorbs all the goodness and probably gets a little fatter.

This appropriately titled “Family” page will be a quick and easy guide to the people, the websites, the labels and other general worthwhile entities I have personally stumbled upon, worked with – be it at length or not – or in any way shape or form been involved with within the world of underground music and the promotion of such these past few years.

These are the Ear Nutrition family so get to know them and support the world of underground music and all those who populate it, be it making sound, writing words or quite frankly, doing whatever…

‘I don’t wanna live my life doing stuff I don’t like to do
I just wanna spend my time on creating something true […]’

Ear Nutrition family