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Lesser Know Character – ‘No Equal Exchange’ (01/05/19) (Review + EP Stream).


Lesser Known Character – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. A lot can be said about the Bristol Punk scene. From Skate Punk to Indie-Punk and everything in between, the scene is self-sufficient and arguably really very ubiquitous. A lot can be said about Lesser Known Character, whether it being that we’ve…

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Side Missions Are Missions Too: Dean and Lewis Of Side Mission Records.


Side Mission Records – England/Wales, United Kingdom. This is unambiguously the age of the underground Record label, rejoice! If you’ve even paid even the slightest bit of notice to your HUD, radar, map or quest list these past few months (no one is forcing you – yet) then Side Mission…

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BOCA – ‘Fluorescent Love’ (Single).


BOCA – Isle Of Wight, England, United Kingdom. Seeing that the Isle Of Wight music scene is healthy and alive is important two-fold. Objectively, because of its remote (ish) location, the IOW will always struggle to self-perpetuate its own scene despite its close proximity to the mainland, not assisted via…

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Iron Gosling – ‘Happy Hour’.


Iron Gosling – Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. Self proclaiming themselves as “#drunkrock”, Iron Gosling are a band hailing from Swansea that are perhaps best described as unapologetic and proud of it. The five-piece released their debut eight-track album the (I bet you saw this coming) Happy Hour recently and to be blunt,…

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Beefywink – ‘Chicken Little’ (Single) (31/03/19).


Beefywink – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. One of the excellent things about music in and around the city of Bristol is how versatile and all encompassing the locales bands are. Whether it’s Indie, Punk, Post-Punk, Grunge or something simply guitar-driven at the base of it and adaptable, you can’t argue…

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