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Fabled Mind and The Forthcoming Debut – ‘Passenger’ (22/11/19)


Fabled Mind – Copenhagen, Denmark Fabled Mind and The Forthcoming Debut – ‘Passenger’ (22/11/19) – heed those words! The album will soon be released via UK/EU Punk-label stalwart Lockjaw Records in their quest to collate and expand the contemporary melodic Punk and Hardcore scenes. We all wish Lockjaw the best…

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Side Missions Are Missions Too: Dean and Lewis Of Side Mission Records.


Side Mission Records – England/Wales, United Kingdom. This is unambiguously the age of the underground Record label, rejoice! If you’ve even paid even the slightest bit of notice to your HUD, radar, map or quest list these past few months (no one is forcing you – yet) then Side Mission…

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