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Joy Killed The Duke – ‘Would You Still Like Me’


Joy Killed The Duke – Utrecht, The Netherlands Nowadays, when the word “Grunge” is used to describe a new band, it is often greeted with an eye roll. Joy Killed The Duke and Would You Still Like Me are very much a band existing to dispel this. The self-labelled “Neo-Grunge” four-piece…

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Donkey Island Penitentiary – Self-Titled


Donkey Island Penitentiary – Los Angeles, California, USA Donkey Island Penitentiary and their self-titled. Despite it being the Los Angeles band’s third release they have opted to wait to until now play their eponymous-title card. Be honest now, with a name like that, you’d very much play it safe until…

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Lollygagger and Their Self-Titled


Lollygagger – Chicago, Illinois, USA Lollygagger and their self-titled, where to start? Well, the band are from the great musical city of Chicago for one. A city steeped and Punk-Rock history and eclecticism towards musical output in general. Remember that, that’s important. The band’s second and longest release surfaced in…

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Mighty Magic Animal – ‘Guts’ (EP)


Mighty Magic Animal – Salisbury, England, United Kingdom If there is one thing that I have learnt over these past wordy-years, its to never underestimate a two-piece band. Enter, Might Magic Animal.  Formed way back in 2014 in the not so distant land of Salisbury, the band found that they…

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