Introducing: Icantdie


Icantdie – Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom Given the three-pieces’ stylistically straddling flexibility, introducing Icantdie is no simple task. 2016 saw the Welsh noise makers dramatically emerge from Bridgend via an organised but cacophonic-inclined blend of self-monikered “Heavy Alternative Rock” beset with an earth-shattering heaviness borrowed from more than one camp.…

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Ryan Martin – ‘Through Thistles And Thorns’


Ryan Martin – York, England, United Kingdom The words “Ryan Martin” and “Through Thistles And Thorns” are now appearing across your visual cortex in an effort to dispel the “solo-artist” assumption. In other words, this relates to the assumption that most in this vein are bound simply to an acoustic…

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Daybreaker Return With ‘The Redeemer’


Daybreaker – Blackpool, England, United Kingdom Daybreaker return with ‘The Redeemer’ in today’s operative Ear Nutrition title. The Blackpool-based Metal-spanning four-piece have recently returned to the fold after a short time away, with a new focus, one less body and a commanding new voice box. Daybreaker released their debut EP…

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