Sick Of It All

The Phosphorus Bombs and ‘…Against You!’ (28/11/19)


The Phosphorus Bombs – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia The Phosphorus Bombs and …Against You!.  A release that boldly sets out to combine the seminal early work of the likes of Bad Religion and Sick Of It All. What makes this statement even better, substantiates it and also thickens the plot is the manner in

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Black Anchors – Are You Ready For ‘Heart Attack’? (05/07/19)


Black Anchors – North Devon, England, United Kingdom. Black Anchors are back, Are You Ready For ‘Heart Attack’? The band are a tease when it comes to releases not quite ready for public consumption and in the best way a nightmare in their requests for coverage. The band have again allowed Ear Nutrition an early listen to

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UGLYBoNES Return With – ‘Sunshine’.


UGLYBoNES – Chicago, Illinois, USA. UGLYBoNES are a band that if you’ve spent any time on the Punk-Rock orientated side of either Facebook or bandcamp or perhaps even found yourself in Chicago and it’s suburbs over the past few years, you may well have heard of. The band have been quiet since the excellent Growing Concerns in

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