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FACELIFT – ‘SinceForeverTilWhenever’ (25/10/19) + Pre-Order


FACELIFT – Thousand Palms, California, USA If you were to describe in person the sheer level of noise that Thousand Palms natives FACELIFT emanate, you’d have to take into account that no matter where the band themselves would be, be it far removed from yourself or not, said sonic volume would almost entirely drown you

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MFL5: Brain Ape – ‘Auslander’.


Brain Ape – London, England, United Kingdom. Photography: Wxtch.Pxs. Welcome back to another edition of Musically Fresh Legacy, where choice cuts from EN’s parent site are revitalised and republished on Ear Nutrition to pay homage our roots and the music that was featured. Approaching two years after the album that has since given the London band many

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C.O.F.F.I.N and Their ‘Piss​~​Up’.


COFFIN – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sydney Punk-Rock band C.O.F.F.I.N are not just another Punk-Rock band. Review over. Work the rest out yourself. Now as much as I could leave you to do that it would indeed defeat the purpose of this sort of thing wouldn’t it? That and provide quite the disservice to

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UGLYBoNES Return With – ‘Sunshine’.


UGLYBoNES – Chicago, Illinois, USA. UGLYBoNES are a band that if you’ve spent any time on the Punk-Rock orientated side of either Facebook or bandcamp or perhaps even found yourself in Chicago and it’s suburbs over the past few years, you may well have heard of. The band have been quiet since the excellent Growing Concerns in

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