Petrol Girls

Small Mercy and ‘The Sinuous Nature Of Losing Your Touch’


Small Mercy – London, England, United Kingdom Small Mercy and The Sinuous Nature Of Losing Your Touch then. A band and their debut entering into a period where the words “Post-Hardcore Revival” are reverberating around to the same spasmodic structures of the genre itself. Post-Hardcore, despite a huge diversity and…

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Byenary and The Debut Self-Titled (28/08/20)


Byenary – London, England, United Kingdom Byenary and their debut Self-Titled enter a Punk-Rock scene undergoing some changes. The contemporary scene has stood-fast on its stance to be an inclusive, welcoming and progressive hub for those considered minorities within it. This, within a greater scope, also extends to society itself.…

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Part 8: The Deadnotes – ‘Yes It Is’ / ‘Krod Records (The Five Years)’


The Deadnotes x Krod Records We are nearing the end now and Part 8: The Deadnotes – ‘Yes It Is’ / Krod Records (The Five Years) is upon us. Krod Records are celebrating their five-year anniversary with a compilation that deviates from the norm. What Am I talking about? Well,…

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