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MFL#2: United Defiance – ‘Safe At Home’.


United Defiance – Concord, California, USA. Welcome back to another edition of Musically Fresh Legacy, where choice cuts from EN’s parent site are revitalised and republished on Ear Nutrition to pay homage our roots and the music that was featured. Matt. Musically Fresh Legacy #2 – Originally Published on Musically Fresh: 23/01/18. United Defiance are a band

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Tadpoles – ‘Who Am I?’


Tadpoles – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Punk is universal and 90’s variant is very much an omnipresent force in the contemporary music scene and with that, the Kuala Lumpa four-piece know as Tadpoles warrant your attention ahead of a heavily booked out 2019 where they plan to top the excellent EP that is Who Am I?.  Who Am

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