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Grow Rich – ‘Frantic Semantic’ EP.


Grow Rich – Jakarta, Indonesia. If you take a look at the world of Alternative music in general right now, you’ll find two echelons and/or stylistic bases that are doing particularly well, those being the ever-diversifying Punk music scene and its often gloomy, ever adaptive cousin Alternative Rock, itself healthy with all its near-constant infusions with just

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Padme – ‘IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13’


Padme – Istanbul, Turkey This review was written by Community Contributor, Adam Brown. ‘WE REALLY LIKE LAGWAGON’ – proclaims their official Facebook page. And with that please welcome to the stage Padme: a fast-paced melodic Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Padme are Arda Turan (Bass); Topri (Guitars/Vocals); and Orhi (Drums). As the statement on Facebook

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Superseed – The Debut Album.


Superseed – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. (Cover) Photo credit – Steve F Evans Photography. An album that took a great deal of time in the making of sixteen tracks of genre crossing Rock, Superseed’s self-titled is really something. A very long something. Just listening to the album casually, Superseed’s Alternative Rock foundation is very much

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