Ructions and Their Debut – ‘Design Accident’

Ructions – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Ructions and their debut single ‘Design Accident’ publically and sonically manifest early this very month. Now, you may think that we couldn’t possibly need another fast melodic Punk band but you’d be wrong. The global, as well as the European and UK fast Punk scenes respectively, are propagating the


Hometruths and The ‘Daydream’ Single

Hometruths – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom Pop-Punk is the undefeatable facet of the Punk music scene. Hometruths and the ‘Daydream’ single fit into this very facet, one that despite minimal adaptation, has managed to well-survive its initial explosion way-back-when. Hometruths hail from Newcastle and via the North American stylistic, purvey a melodic, riff-laden, jagged Easycore