Manchester Punk Festival


Lifecore: Nathan Miles Of Fatalist

Fatalist – Manchester, England, United Kingdom What became “Lifecore: Nathan Miles Of Fatalist” was supposed to be another interview conducted at or around the sadly cancelled 2020 edition of Manchester Punk Festival. Fatalist, who were set to play, are very much one of newer Hardcore collectives born from the Manchester and greater UK Punk scene.


The Core Perspective: Matt Fox Of Shai Hulud

Shai Hulud x Manchester Punk Festival “The Core Perspective: Matt Fox Of Shai Hulud” – why is this relevant? Well, firstly, the Hardcore collective family known as Shai Hulud are a seminal and influential presence with the realm of Hardcore Punk-Rock music. Secondly, the band had planned to re-enter the live-circuit as of this month


MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson

Manchester Punk Festival “MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson” is relevant to the question above. A question that is in its sixth iteration of annual linger. MPF 2020 is indeed fast approaching, that much is true but it simultaneously seems to be taking its sweet and possibly sentient time. As much as


Why Manchester Punk Festival 2020?

Manchester Punk Festival “Why Manchester Punk Festival 2020?” – Is the title of this written piece and the poster created by the festival that you can gaze and probably quite reasonably salivate over placed above is your answer! There’s no need for me to bore you away from your busy lives anymore, hooray! We can


Hell’s Ditch and The ‘Vacant Hearts’ Single + Vinyl Pre-Order

Hell’s Ditch – Lincoln, England, United Kingdom Cover photo: Steven Haddock – Photographer – Here. Supergroups. A concept that will likely outlive this stage of humanity and prosper in whatever is next. Enter, Hell’s Ditch and the ‘Vacant Hearts’ single. A band with some considerable pooled experience in the UK Punk and Alternative music scene