Iron Chic


Panhandler – ‘Wherever That Is’.

Panhandler – Stockholm, Sweden. When it comes to it’s alternative music output, Sweden is very often associated with some of the most seminal and influential Skate Punk and Hardcore bands in the last thirty years, an attribute I am not here to lessen or champion any less but sometimes, it is further into their output


Horror On The High Seas – Self Titled.

Horror On The High Seas – Worcester, England, United Kingdom. Being another one in the long line that evolved from the initial Punk explosion, Indie-Rock has morphed way beyond the “rock” in it’s moniker in some circles and embraced it in others. This is where Worcester four-piece, Horror On The High Seas become relavent for


Misgivings and The Debut ‘Hermitage’ (07/12/18).

Misgivings – Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom. As they are prone to do, Lockjaw Records have returned again with another successful hunt in their bid to showcase some of the the best game (sound) of the contemporary Punk music scene. The label’s latest coerced sonic collective inducted into their growing Punk-themed audio-Zoological conservation and propagation project