Raincheck and The ‘Cleaned Out’ Single

Raincheck – Lyon, France In this here 2020, Raincheck have returned with the The ‘Cleaned Out’ single. Based in Lyon, the French five-piece have had somewhat of a radio and studio silence since their 2016 release, True Love. The band’s rough-cut, jagged approach to riff-heavy late ’90s Skate Punk was cut with the anthemic emotion of


The Rebel Assholes – ‘(Headed For) Dysphoria’

The Rebel Assholes – Belfort, France In 2019 the words, The Rebel Assholes – (Headed For) Dysphoria made their entry into a world where heart-on-sleeve Gruff Punk was becoming all the more prevalent in response to day-to-day gloom. Are we in fact headed for dysphoria? This four-piece seem to think so.  Hailing from Belfort in France,


Blowing Silence Down – ‘Chrysalis’.

Blowing Silence Down – Haute-Normandie, France. Cover photo credit: Guillaume Vilgrain. The European music scene is one of strong variety and a welcoming “anything goes” mentality. Bands from the UK, US and of course a multitude of European nations, populate bills, tours and festivals so regularly that through either through use of social media or perhaps


EN Exclusive Premiere: Quitters – ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ (Video).

Quitters – Montpellier, France. Quitters if you are unaware have made a bit of a name for themselves these past few years with their raucous yet melodic Indie-Punk-Rock laced with more Pop-sensibilities that you can shake a chorus at. The band have made their own mark on the honest and emotive gruff Punk-scene with this playful