David Delinquent and ‘You’re So Boring You Make Me Wanna Die’

David Delinquent – Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom There is a lot to be said for solo-releases from Punk-vocalists. David Delinquent and You’re So Boring You Make Me Wanna Die enter into this fray. Truthfully, you never really know what a different set of inspirations or influences will yield in these cases. It can sometimes be


Delinquents – ‘Sober On Sunday’ (19/04/19)

Delinquents – Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom Cover photo credit: Burnt Bongo Photography. It’s safe to say that over the past two years, Dundee‘s Delinquents have had an excellent time. The band have had gigs and festivals coming out of their ears, their debut album release and a great deal of excellent reception to their classically