Rattleback and ‘Weeding The Garden State’


Rattleback – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Despite its numerous derivatives, the far-from dulcet sounds of Hardcore Punk are yet to be quelled. Rattleback and Weeding The Garden State are both a collection of cognitive organisms and their respective craft that very much subsist on the voraciously, viscous vitality that is the…

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The Phosphorus Bombs and ‘…Against You!’ (28/11/19)


The Phosphorus Bombs – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia The Phosphorus Bombs and …Against You!.  A release that boldly sets out to combine the seminal early work of the likes of Bad Religion and Sick Of It All. What makes this statement even better, substantiates it and also thickens the…

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Sweet Anxiety – The ‘amplifier_A’ EP.


Sweet Anxiety – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The brain-child of one Sammy Allitt, Sweet Anxiety is a solitary-human-based project based in Melbourne suburb of Frankston and aims to fill the gap in his regions scene in regard to “fully amped” solo artists. Having had his time in and amongst more than…

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Luke Seymoup – ‘Hand Me Downs/Life Got Me Down’ + UK Show Announcement.


Luke Seymoup – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Luke Seymoup is a young man I met while living in Melbourne, Australia some years ago. A certifiable scene veteran when it comes to his genre-spanning solo-work, bands he has played in or simply with and his omnipresence regarding local shows and involvement in…

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