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Tokyo Lungs and Their ‘Soul Music’ (23/04/21)


Tokyo Lungs – Suffolk, England, United Kingdom After a well-received debut EP consisting of nine songs in eight minutes, it is obviously only right for Tokyo Lungs and their Soul Music to debut their full-length self in a ripping nineteen minutes dispersed between TWENTY-FOUR tracks. I know what you are thinking and…

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Froggy & The Ringes and ‘Soft G’ (05/11/20)


Froggy & The Ringes – A Pond Somewhere, England, United Kingdom Froggy & The Ringes and Soft G. Well, where to start. I should think a blunt introduction is best. The five-piece are yet another addition to the vast and growing roster and amalgamation of weird, wonderful and heavy that is…

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Hardkore Dokument #1 7″ EP: A UK Hardcore Punk Education – (01/02/19)


Hardkore Dokument #1 – Hearing Damage, Worth It, United Kingdom Ubiquitous, omnipresent and fucking impossible to extinguish and nullify. Those are the words I and I should many would use to describe the determined dirge that is United Kingdom Hardcore Punk-Rock. Since the genre’s inception our (not so) great nation…

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