Dangerface and The ‘Lights Out’ Single


Dangerface – Stavanger, Norway For a band near to dropping their next single why are we speaking of Dangerface and the ‘Lights Out’ single now? Well, in a contrasting nutshell to the very reasoning for this, its because the internet is a gargantuan mass. A mass of everything from love, laughter, morons and fake news

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Riot Sun and Their ‘Bruises’ (04/12/20)


Riot Sun – Copenhagen, Denmark Riot Sun and their Bruises will be entering the fray this coming December. 2020 saw the Copenhagen band’s inception and given their amalgamative raucously rambunctious mix of Punk-Rock, Post-Hardcore and Grunge-corrupted Alternative Rock, it is no surprise that Bruises is titled as thus. ‘Told You’ very much epitomises the very level of

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Attic Salt and ‘Get Wise’


Attic Salt – Springfield, Illinois, USA Pop-Punk, in the grand scheme of things, is a funny one. Amidst this oddly diverse bag is where Attic Salt and Get Wise exist. The genre’s initial inception was simply melodic Punk-Rock with varying degrees of slightly more overt melody and lyrics ridden with life frustration. This, of course,

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Ryan Martin – ‘Through Thistles And Thorns’


Ryan Martin – York, England, United Kingdom The words “Ryan Martin” and “Through Thistles And Thorns” are now appearing across your visual cortex in an effort to dispel the “solo-artist” assumption. In other words, this relates to the assumption that most in this vein are bound simply to an acoustic guitar. Hailing from York, Ryan

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