Xadium and Their ‘Whatevercore’.


Xadium – Malmesbury, England, United Kingdom. Bands experimenting and finding their feet is always an interesting thing to observe and I have to say, progressing through Xadium’s short but incredibly diverse catalogue to date is really something. I first discovered the band at a local show in Bath at a venue that will remain nameless.

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SickOnes: To The Core – An In-depth Interview


SickOnes – South West England, United Kingdom What started as a simple Q&A became an interview spanning ages and that I will firmly state is not a criticism. For Charlie Jones-West of SickOnes is a young man committed to the craft and ideology of the explosive and energy incarnate three-piece. *This being the first interview

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The Patient – ‘The Mourning Choir’.


The Patient – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Patient are a band from Melbourne whose’ first album Unite As One tore a hole in a regional scene packed to the rafters with fast melodic Punk and shredding Skate Punk. Said bands are admittedly and proudly of high calibre but Unite As One indeed broke the mould while still remaining

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