As Time Fades – ‘This Isn’t What I Paid For’.


As Time Fades – Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Contemporary Pop-Punk is very much sat quite comfortably. The national and regional scenes may diversify somewhat but with that said the genre is very much enveloped by the throws of New Found Glory and their adaptive legacy alongside the heavy but contrastingly poppy sound championed by Four Year

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Lionizer – ‘Sinkhole’.


Lionizer – Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Contemporary Punk music is now far outside it’s initial or at least famous associations of mid-to-breakneck speed and simple three-to-four chord formula. Punk music has adopted, infused and birthed a huge number of other stylistics leaving it even more available and more appealing. From Skate Punk to Post-Hardcore, Acoustic

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My Own Co-Pilot – ‘Textures’.


My Own Co-Pilot – Gothenburg, Sweden. My Own Co-Pilot is a transatlantic project based in but not limited to Gothenburg, Sweden and reaches as far as US just for it’s vocal tones. The project is the brain-child of Michal Kosinski completed by one Derrek Siemieniuk and has laid out a mission within the debut release to

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