MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson.

Manchester Punk Festival

Manchester Punk Festival. “MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson” is relevant to the question above. A question that is in its sixth iteration of annual linger. MPF 2020 is indeed fast approaching, that much is true but it simultaneously seems to be taking its sweet and possibly sentient time. As much as

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Why Manchester Punk Festival 2020?

Manchester Punk Festival

Manchester Punk Festival. “Why Manchester Punk Festival 2020?” – Is the title of this written piece and the poster created by the festival that you can gaze and probably quite reasonably salivate over placed above is your answer! There’s no need for me to bore you away from your busy lives anymore, hooray! We can

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The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3: The Bands #2

The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3

The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer – Studio 2, Liverpool, United Kingdom. The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3: The Bands #2 – It’s really very self-explanatory why we are here. However, if this is the first instance of which The Liverpool Punk-Rock All-Dayer 3 or the event as a whole has graced your ability to decipher characters into words and

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Side Missions Are Missions Too: Dean and Lewis Of Side Mission Records.


Side Mission Records – England/Wales, United Kingdom. This is unambiguously the age of the underground Record label, rejoice! If you’ve even paid even the slightest bit of notice to your HUD, radar, map or quest list these past few months (no one is forcing you – yet) then Side Mission Records may have made an

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The Donald Trumpets – ‘Waterboarding At Guantanamo Bay’.


The Donald Trumpets – Perth, Western Australia, Australia. In truth, Ska and Ska-Punk have had a proportionally less prevalent presence in my play order and apparent never ending ear abuse for quite some time now. I find the genre very hit and miss and not as engaging as I once did and I’m not afraid

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Padme – ‘IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13’.


Padme – Istanbul, Turkey. ‘WE REALLY LIKE LAGWAGON’ – proclaims their official Facebook page. And with that please welcome to the stage Padme: a fast-paced melodic Punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Padme are Arda Turan (Bass); Topri (Guitars/Vocals); and Orhi (Drums). As the statement on Facebook suggests this music is obviously an instant hit for

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Upper Downer – ‘S\T’.


Upper Downer – Los Angles, California, USA. When you here Los Angles based Punks Upper Downer you wouldn’t necessarily think that they hailed from the locale they actually do. The west coast Punk and Alternative music scene has always been associated with melodic Punk styles from Hardcore to the predominant Skate Punk, with a more

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Kill The Masters – The ‘Everything Hurts’ EP.


Kill The Masters – Bolton, England, United Kingdom. Bolton three-piece in their own words, describe their occupation as thus – ‘We play mediocre Punk music and shout about stuff we don’t fully understand’. A statement that in reality is mostly uttered in humour but it still goes someway to giving any prospective listener at least and idea onto what

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