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TANKENGINE – Newcastle, England, United Kingdom TANKENGINE – TANKENGINE TAKENGINE is a collection of words denoting to the clich√© (but apt) description of the words “powerhouse trio”. In fact, couple those very words with a cacophony of eerily inviting groove, playful Noise Rock “why nots” and complicated, spasmodic Post-Hardcore energy and it actually becomes a


Dutch – ‘No Dove No Covenant’

Dutch – Birmingham, England, United Kingdom I’ve said this before, but whenever a release is monikered as Post-Hardcore my ears twitch. This was the case when Dutch and their debut EP No Dove No Covenant literarily materialised anyway. Why? Well, of all the countless derivatives and further derivatives of said derivatives that Punk music fostered, I


MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson

Manchester Punk Festival “MPF 2020 and Other Tall Tales: Ian ‘Tree’ Robinson” is relevant to the question above. A question that is in its sixth iteration of annual linger. MPF 2020 is indeed fast approaching, that much is true but it simultaneously seems to be taking its sweet and possibly sentient time. As much as


LASSITERS – Self-Titled EP.

LASSITERS – London, England, United Kingdom. London‘s Punk scene is omnipresent and perpetual. The genres permeance and birth of other styles of music is something that I truly hope never ceases and desists for the the sheer discordant chaos of bands such as native three-piece LASSITERS would never have it’s chance. This is music that