Noise Rock

THVS – ‘Fevers’.


THVS – Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Loud, a word perhaps best used to preliminarily describe the following words denoting to both a band and a release: THVS – Fevers. Enough to draw you in? I hope so. THVS have been abrasively and violently deconstructing the sound barrier since 2014, with an accosting mix and

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LASSITERS – Self-Titled EP.


LASSITERS – London, England, United Kingdom. London‘s Punk scene is omnipresent and perpetual. The genres permeance and birth of other styles of music is something that I truly hope never ceases and desists for the the sheer discordant chaos of bands such as native three-piece LASSITERS would never have it’s chance. This is music that

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