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Capital Youth – ‘Holiday In The Sun’.


Capital Youth – Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva‘s finest Garage Punk band return via Roosevelt Records once more for ‘Holiday In The Sun’. Both the band and their parent label have been quiet on the release front in the past two years so having them back is something special. Garage Rock and it’s cantankerous cousin Garage Punk

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Superseed – The Debut Album.


Superseed – Bristol, England, United Kingdom. (Cover) Photo credit – Steve F Evans Photography. An album that took a great deal of time in the making of sixteen tracks of genre crossing Rock, Superseed’s self-titled is really something. A very long something. Just listening to the album casually, Superseed’s Alternative Rock foundation is very much

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The Patient – ‘The Mourning Choir’.


The Patient – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Patient are a band from Melbourne whose’ first album Unite As One tore a hole in a regional scene packed to the rafters with fast melodic Punk and shredding Skate Punk. Said bands are admittedly and proudly of high calibre but Unite As One indeed broke the mould while still remaining

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